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New Artist Showcase | Louis Kravitz

My photographs are about people and often their reaction to me.

A near perfect day for me is meeting with interesting looking people who are willing to let me photograph them. We talk a little; maybe with luck there is a connection and they let me shoot. I try to capture something of the person’s character, emotions and what is unique about them.

I am fortunate to be able to travel outside the United States. I enjoy meeting and photographing people of different cultures. My images attempt to show the themes most people share as they move through their lives – the joys and fears of childhood, the love and pride of parents, the intensity of people working, playing, cooking, buying, selling and worshipping. And, sometimes it is the courage they bring to just living.

Through my travels I have come to believe that we as people are in this life together, that we are relatives on a basic level, with common desires and aspirations, if not beliefs.

Prior to becoming a photographer, I worked for 45 years as an actuary. In 1977, I founded the consulting firm that is now known as Kravitz, Inc. and headquartered in Los Angeles. Today my son, Daniel, heads the firm and I remains active as its Chairman.



N E I L   R E I C H L I N E

photography & fine prints

The Fine Art Los Angeles Collection, Photos from the Early History of Photography


Photos by Edward Steichen, Edward Curtis, Margaret Bourke-White, Russell Lee, Lewis Hine, Paul Strand, Alfred Stieglitz and more.


Modern Archival Pigment prints, suitable for matting, framing and display.



































“Shooting photographs to me is being in the here and now. In that state my vision is acute, my focus is outward and I become sensitively aware of what lies before me. I love that state of being and I love that photography takes me there.”  — Neil Reichline, 2010



I love people watching and Paris is a great place to do it! Like all great cosmopolitan cities there’s an unending stream of all types and varieties of interesting humans on the cities streets.
Whether sitting in my favorite outdoor cafes, strolling the Seine, or visiting the many historic sites, Paris provided a feast for the eyes and a great boost for my belief in the romance and beautiful potential of all humanity.



Featured Artist: MARY E. DOYLE 

Mary E. Doyle, Ph.D., is a well-respected scholar in the field of Colonial Latin American History, having received two Fulbrights. Her 1988 doctoral dissertation, entitled “The Ancestor Cult and Burial Ritual in Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century Central Peru,” continues to be quoted as the premier work on ancestor cults, burial rituals, the formation and functioning of social groups in the Andes, the purpose and use of sacred objects and sacred places, and many other important topics for understanding the indigenous peoples of pre-Hispanic and Colonial Central Peru.

Dr. Doyle went on to obtain a second Master’s degree in Psychology in 2014 with a specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy. Since then, she has been working full-time as an artist, using acrylic paint on canvas, and pencil and charcoal on her many art projects on paper.
Dr. Doyle initially went to Peru as part of UCLA’s Education Abroad Program in 1978. She attended the Catholic University in Lima for two years because she was having such a successful time in her scholarly pursuits. She worked as a Research Assistant at Peru’s most prestigious Think Tank: The Institute of Peruvian Studies (El Instituto de Estudios Peruanos), on the project entitled “The Extirpation of Idolatry in 17th and 18th Century Central Peru,” in which she worked transcribing and editing the 10,000 pages of documents produced by the friars of the Archbishopric of Lima in an effort to understand and destroy indigenous religious practices. As a result, they left detailed descriptions of all types of religious practices, myths, and rituals. Her dissertation was based on information from these documents.
Dr. Doyle minored in South American Anthropology and Archaeology. She participated in a five-summer archaeological excavation at the Moche site of Pacatnamu on the North Coast of Peru, and she discovered the most important textile ever found for the Moche culture after only a few days of excavating there.
Dr. Mary E. Doyle’s art is influenced by the natural world, as well as by the Peruvian pre-Hispanic cultures of the Moche–North Coast of Peru (200 – 800 A.D.) and the Nazca–South Coast of Peru (100 B.C. – 650 A.D.). The distinctive borders surrounding many of her pieces can be considered her trademark.



Current Artist


210Fwy Cori started painting at a very young age, inspired by her very artistic family. Her mother and father both painted and her uncle was renowned modern artist Richard Smith. She majored in Art at Cal Poly Pomona with an emphasis on painting. Several years ago she decided to pick up a camera and snap a few photos. She was hooked! Now her main focus is photography along with acrylic paintings utilizing leaf printing. Follow her work on her Facebook page, Leaves From The Woods.
Her art has been displayed in several galleries, restaurants and sold at 18MileDr auction. Recently she had a showing in Montrose where the topic was art in the urban setting. All her photos were taken from local freeways, you can find beauty anywhere! She displayed several pieces in Nashville Tennessee where she briefly lived for the past year. She continues to work on her craft, gathering inspiration from nature by utilizing natural elements, shapes and colors.
Her website, Leaves From The Woods is currently under construction and will be up and running soon.

Now showing thru October 31, 2014.

Current Artist


thru AUGUST 31, 2014

My Artist's Statement Biophoto



thru MAY 31, 2014




I was raised by very artistic parents; my father a musician/bandleader, my mother taught art, dance, and ceramics and my brother, a composer, musician/bandleader.  As a child, I loved all forms of art, photography, drawing, painting and music.

Self taught, I find that most days I get up and feel that I just need to do some form of art.
It doesn’t matter if it’s a masque of clay, an acrylic work on paper, grabbing my camera and going out and shooting something or getting on my computer and doing some digital work on one of my existing photos.  For me it’s all about the process and the work.

In the mid 1960’s I did a series of paintings similar to my current ‘Patterns’ series and left them with my mother who loved the work and had a beautiful home in Riviera section of Santa Barbara.  That home and everything in it burned to the ground in the Monticeto fire and all of that body of art work was lost forever.  I decided late in 2011 it was time to revisit that body of work and created ‘Patterns’, a 38 piece collection of works that were inspired by the works of Miro, Caulder and Kandinsky.

In the 1970’s I developed art and craft products for Mattel, Ceramichrome and the art and craft division of General Mills.  During my employment at Ceramichrome I got a real education in ceramics, developing a line of once fired ceramic craft products for the mass market called ‘BisqueKits’.  For a year I had the honor of working with some of the finest and most highly regarded ceramists in the world.  It was an education you couldn’t pay for.

In the late ‘80’s I was re-introduced to ceramics as a friend was taking a ceramics class at a local recreation center and the teacher invited me to stay and create some pieces.  That morning I created my first two masques and knew that “masques of clay” were my immediate calling. For the next several years I devoted myself to the creation of ‘masques of clay’.  A year later some office space became available with a natural studio in the back.  I became totally immersed in masque making and that studio is where I created most of my body of work.  In January, 2009, due to the recession, I moved to a much smaller space in Marina del Rey, but so far, I’m delighted with the work I’ve created there as well.

In 2009 I decided to return to another one of my loves, photography and have been working on several series of photographs that depict many of the things that we see and take for granted everyday.  One of the series is entitled ‘Textures’ and the pieces are shot in such a way as to let the viewer decide what it is that draws them into the experience.  My latest works include a collection of digital photos that stretch me once again to challenge just how far I can go.  For me it’s all about pushing my personal envelope to see where the limits of my creativity lie.

In 2010 I met and began working with Robert (Bob) Mackie an amazingly skilled artist and craftsman originally from England and raised in Trinidad.  We have been working together ever since on several different and divergent series of projects in Collage, Mirrors of Cloisonné and Ceramic and various forms of assemblage.  My latest works are in Collage and Assemblage in Paper, Found Objects, Metal and Wood and I feel are some of my finest works to date.

George Marlowe



Illustration & Design

DECEMBER 1  thru  FEBRUARY 1, 2014
(below: “Brothers Ocean, Wind, and Trees” from Ocean Myths series)


Artist’s Statement:

With professional experience as a sports illustrator, Erika Bird explores nature and physics through her drawings and paintings.

She is passionate about scientific study, science education, and the natural world. She addresses environmental exploitation in her series Ocean Myths, inspired by legends of ocean deities from Micronesia and Polynesia. In Ocean Myths, she brings contemporary ambivalence towards ocean health into contrast with traditional respect for the seas.

Erika enjoys working in multiple media–many of her pieces start as drawings or collages and move into paintings or digital color.

Inspirations include science fiction, science and science education, 80’s synth pop, jazz, improv (other peoples’ improv), and modernist furniture.

Influences include modernists such as El Lissitzky,  contemporary graphic designers such as Mike Perry and Simon Page,  filmmakers Stanley Kubrick and Hayao Miyazaki, and fine artists Laura Owens, James Jean, and Jorinde Voigt.

Erika Bird lives in Los Angeles and studies Illustration at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena.  –  |  E. Bird Studio




OCTOBER 1 thru  NOVEMBER 30, 2013

Although photography has been a part of Eric’s life for all these years, his career has been in the film business as a supervising sound editor and sound designer for feature films and television. Heading back in time, he has lent his creative talents to Man of

eric norris, self portrait
eric norris, self portrait

Steel, Ted, The Book of Eli, 300, The Cooler, Road to Perdition, and How the Grinch Stole Christmas, among others. In the late 1990’s, Eric won two Emmy awards for his contribution to two different Stephen King mini-series.

While all the images in this show were shot with his ‘big’ camera, Eric loves taking pictures with his smartphone – mainly because it is always with him. Even when working full time in sound, sometimes more than full time in sound, he still tries to find a unique perspective to photograph the world around him. He likes to think of it as creative cross training.

You can find him on Instagram as sfxeric.

Enjoy the show!