New Artist Showcase | Louis Kravitz

My photographs are about people and often their reaction to me.

A near perfect day for me is meeting with interesting looking people who are willing to let me photograph them. We talk a little; maybe with luck there is a connection and they let me shoot. I try to capture something of the person’s character, emotions and what is unique about them.

I am fortunate to be able to travel outside the United States. I enjoy meeting and photographing people of different cultures. My images attempt to show the themes most people share as they move through their lives – the joys and fears of childhood, the love and pride of parents, the intensity of people working, playing, cooking, buying, selling and worshipping. And, sometimes it is the courage they bring to just living.

Through my travels I have come to believe that we as people are in this life together, that we are relatives on a basic level, with common desires and aspirations, if not beliefs.

Prior to becoming a photographer, I worked for 45 years as an actuary. In 1977, I founded the consulting firm that is now known as Kravitz, Inc. and headquartered in Los Angeles. Today my son, Daniel, heads the firm and I remains active as its Chairman.